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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Them sneakly little boogers.....

Ladies I just want to say, I had the scare of my life yesterday evening. DH had to go to McComb to pick up his meds from the DR's office and since we had both Redman and MooMoo we decided to leave around 4, swing by Drs and Wally World and take the kids out to eat. We had all gotten ready and headed out the door when I stopped to snapped a picture of MooMoo. sitting on the patio...about that time I noticed ChiChi
trying to run and jump on MooMoo her favorite person, next to her Momma (ME), I say trying to cause I noticed she was wobbling and stumbling and her back end was going one way while her front end went in the opposite direction...of course being from the Country my first thought was, "oh, no a tick"...but on inspection no tick was found no where. Next though she's either gotten into poison or has been snake bite. Since there was no swollen area we ruled out snake bite, so I grabbed her up and off we went to the Vets. I explained to them what was wrong and that we had to be in McComb by 4:45 and it being 4:10 we couldn't stay, so they assured me they would take good care of her.
Later yesterday evening I received a call telling me they had examined her good and she did in fact have a tick and had tick paralyzes, even with all the meds and dips and shampoo, 1 tick had managed to get into her ear canal and was near her ear was so small even the Dr nearly missed it. She was given a shot and redipped and had to stay over night.
So just remember those sneaky little devils can slip into places we don't think about or can see. And even though we keep ChiChi protected they still found away to get to her.
I'm going to pick her up this morning and I know she will be glad to see her Momma, she hates the vet on just a regular go and come home visit but really hates the over night stays.
Hope y'all have a good day.


  1. Oh my! I always check bellies and legs...never dreamed about ears!
    Ticks are just evil!

  2. Oh my gosh Molly! I'm so glad that she is alright now! My dogs get ticks all the time and have never had that happen to them. Well, I should say that we do use Frontline in the Spring and that kills them when they bite into them I suppose but still. I need to get some on them right away! Thanks for sharing your story with us and I'm so thankful the vet found the tick in the ear!


  3. OH NO Molly!!! How terrible! Thank goodness you took her into the vet!!! Those Mississippi vets are so good.

    ChiChi, PLEASE stay out of the thick grass!!!

    We have no fleas out here, but there are some ticks in the outer part of the city.

  4. How fortunate the Dr. found it! Poor ChiChi - all is well for now, thank goodness!

  5. I'm so happy she's okay! I'd be horrified if that happened to my furry baby.

  6. Wow, Molly, I've never heard of tick paralysis ... how awful! I'm so glad the vet found the tick and was able to help ChiChi. I know you're glad you took her.

  7. I am so glad she is okay. Don't like those ticks. We found one on Lily last week even after a good Tony had looked her over.

  8. How terrifying! I'm so glad you were vigilant and noticed this, and I'm glad the doctors persisted and found out that she had a tick. Hopefully, she will be better soon.




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