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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blue Monday

Good morning my dear friends, it's Blue Monday over at Sally's house. .Please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here.....
On Blue Monday we show our beautiful blues and this week I want to show a few of the things I've learned to do using my Photo Shop Elements program...
This week end I had the pleasure of keeping both my Grands while there Mom and Dad went to a concert on the Gulf Coast Friday night. Sat. I had to get them ready and drop them off at a Family reunion for their Mom's family. They both looked so cute I thought I'd snap a few pictures and him having on a blue shirt made it perfect for Blue Monday.
I used the Photo Shop program to remove a few blemishes and do a couple of corrections and I couldn't get over how much better just a few clicks could make..
Redman has a problem with fever blisters in the summer, every time he gets in the sun, he develops multiple blisters, and MooMoo has a problem with her baby tooth on the right side wanting to I used the cloning tool to get rid of them
and added a border, a texture and one of my favorite sayings...I had them stand in the corner of my bedroom so there wouldn't be anything behind them, I didn't plan on the blue wall and white door looking like a room divider but I loved the effect. I used the spot tool to remove the lines in the door frame and the paneling and made it look solid. Also didn't notice she was wearing white standing in front of the blue and he had on blue standing in front of the white...
Oh and she posed this way herself, I didn't even have to tell her how to pose..little ham, isn't she? this went from this
to this, all of my kids and Grands have problems with puffy eyes so I kinda took some of the puff out.
In this one I removed the handle of the tripod that I forgot to move out of the corner I added a frame and texture and then wrote SOUTHERN BELLE.. doesn't she look so cool in her soft cotton, sundress....This picture just needed a little work on her mouth...and eyes...
to get this...I am having a ball playing with Photo Shop, now I want to learn how to add people to a photo....
Hope you all have a Blessed week, DH and I will be leaving Wednesday to go to The Shaker Village in Kentucky for a Antique Day. Hopefully we will be back by next Tues. It just depends on what mood stricks us and were we decide to go from Kentucky.


  1. Your grandchildren are cute, lovely photos! I do not have the photoshop program, is it easy to use?

  2. They are looking cool and pretty. Happy blue Monday.

  3. I've never used photoshop before. Obviously it can do lots of neat things. Have fun on your trip this week!

  4. Thanks Marie, but they aren't teens is 8 and Connor is 12..though I must say they think they are teens.
    Thanks momgen, she was very cool on a hot humid Mississippi day.
    Eileeninmd and Susie, I just got my PSE program and took a short course on line, but I have learned more from other blogs by searching web for ways to use PS. It can really improve a photo.

  5. Molly, your grandchildren are good looking kids, and I love the photographer you're becoming! Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Gorgeous grandchildren you have Molly. Happy Monday!

    Cake & Cupcakes

  7. I am not familiar with this photo process. You seem to know what to do as the pictures are great. The children made perfect models.

  8. What cute kids! And I love learning about photoshop. Thanks for this tutorial. Just fascinating how you can fix things like that. Even unfixed, you have two darlings there!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Beautiful Tweens!! I loved how you can do so many different things with photoshop, wish I owned that!! Happy Blue Monday!

  10. Great job! Happy Blue Monday. Come by and visit when you get the time. Debbie

  11. Oh, if only in real life it were so easy, huh? Great photo works! Great looking kiddos, in real life! Thanks, Jenn

  12. What sweet pictures, Molly ... don't you love Photoshop Elements!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Shaker Village and get lots of pictures to share. I'd love to visit it someday.

  13. Molly your grandchildren are beautiful!
    You take such wonderful pictures !!
    Photoshop is definatly fun! I love the borders you put on and the captions.
    I have had photoshop for a few years but I still have so much to learn!!
    Have a Great time on your trip!!!!

  14. Cute kids. Great models for their Grandma.

  15. Wow! I'm impressed with all that photoshopping! Great kids! And you did a great job!


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