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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finding Beauty Friday

(OK, edited 7:50 A M, just noticed I'm a day early, wonder my week flies by so fast, I just skip aday I don't like. Sorry about that. I really thought today was Friday...)

Today I am joining Claudia's "Friday Finding Beauty" event on Dipity Road. Today all the participating blogs can post whatever they like on their blog that touched them in some way and made them feel, see, or appreciate a moment of beauty in their lives.
Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and forms. Some you can see and touch, others you can only feel in your heart. My beauty today is both, I can see the beauty of the object, but the beauty of a gift from a true friend is also felt in the heart.
a couple of week ago I was browsing the Etsy store of a dear on line friend, Holly or better known to us as Penniwig's (you can check it out here) and came across the cutest pair of Earrings, that I wanted to purchase for my "one day to be Granddaughter" so I order them and send payment then sit back and wait to receive them. Holly makes these earrings herself and the price is just fantastic
Now can you imagine my surprise when I not only received the beautiful pair I ordered
but I also received this extra pair
and a surprise email telling me I was getting a refund. Yes that's right both pair of beautiful earring were free
all because this beautiful lady won a painting I did and she thinks it is great. I am humbled that she thinks my work is worth anything. I consider her a true finding beauty friend. To me nothing is more beautiful than a true sweet heart and this lady has a big one.
Thanks Holly, you are special to me.


  1. Pretty earrings Molly. Love your little holder too.

  2. She does beautiful work. How sweet and nice of her for the gifts.

    I just luv your earring holder too.

  3. Bonus! It should be called Fabulous Friday or Free Friday! but they are beautiful!

  4. Lucky you!! What a sweet surprise in a beautiful gesture!
    The earrings are very pretty. I need to check out her shop. Thank you for posting about it!

  5. Now, that is true beauty! The earrings are beautiful in themselves, of course - truly lovely - but the act of kindness and generousity trumps them!

  6. Beautiful earrings! And so cool that they were free!

  7. Hey Miss Molly!

    Thanks so much for joining us!

    Great earrings.

    (lol lovin your music-- although i dont know if i wasnt affected by not riding a bike helmet LOL)

  8. How Lovely~ , They are Beautiful earrings:)Enjoy your weekend ~


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