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Monday, June 14, 2010

2d time around Tuesday,

It is time for 2nd Time Around Tuesday, hosted by Diane @ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. be sure to drop by Daine's blog and check out the other 2d time around items.........
Today I will be packing and getting ready for my SECOND trip to Shaker Village in Kentucky. I really enjoyed the last time we went and look forward to this visit. Will take tons of pictures.
So since I am going to be so busy, I wanted to just show you some
of my second time around items that I used in my yard this year....
Most of these items I have received from family members who no longer wanted them or we owned and had decided to get rid of and I decided to give them a new life in my yard...
I've had this wagon for 46, we gave it to our oldest for his first Birthday and we couldn't get rid of it.
My boys gave me this hen and a Rooster 38 yrs. We had this put away cause the beck was brokeI got this pot from my MIL several years after we moved for a Halloween used bottles holder 2d time around for bottles and the back ground you can see my DH 2d time around treasure and old Dodge Ram, he bought from our son, who had bought it 20 yrs ago from a guy he worked with. DH uses it to go hunting in..We inherited this glider from MIL she had it since 1961, the year DH and I married, when she passed we brought it home.
I found this slop jar at a flea market several years ago...
There are several 2d time around items here, my rooster goes with the hen, and the bird house was found at a flea market on 49 south.
This old coal bucket was being thrown away by a friend and I grabbed it...
Hope you have a Beautiful week and I'll see y'all next Tuesday with a lot of neat stuff, I hope.


  1. Especially love the o ld wagon. Debbie

  2. Everything you have is NEAT STUFF, Molly!!

    Are you doing any Spring/Summer paintings? I miss seeing what you've got in progress.

  3. Good way of reusing those items.

    Have a great trip.

  4. I loved all of your treasures, Molly, but my favorite is the little red wagon.

    I can't wait to see the treasures you bring back from your trip. Take care ...

  5. Love your "junk." I had a coal bucket like that with a lovely plant in it at the entrance to my garden. A delivery truck backed over it when turning around. I was so mad!

    Thanks for visiting Porch Days!


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