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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Finding Beauty Friday..crawfish boil

I'm linking this post to "Friday Finding Beauty" event on Claudia's blog Dipity Road. Today all the participating blogs can post whatever they like on their blog that touched them in some way and made them feel, see, or appreciate a moment of beauty in their lives.
First let me say, I know some of my dear friends don't like to see wild critters killed and cooked and I respect that,
But my post today is about a great old tradition carried out by us folks in LA and MS and I must say it is fine....It's called crawfish boil and unless you've tasted the crawfish, Shrimp, sausage tators, mushrooms, corn and onions all cooked in the hot Crab boil you just ain't lived.
Sat we traveled to Richland to a boil my middle boy was giving his in-laws while they where here for MIL's birthday and Memorial Day. Charles, I, Lance, TT, Ronnie, Mindy, Marissa and the InLaws had a very good time. It would have been a lot more fun if it hadn't been so wet and muddy, but it rained most of the evening.
Ugly little booger wanted to fight...Everybody was kungfu fightingShelby is standing guard...
Lance and TT helping get the sausage ready
The rains are moving in, so they are making sure the tents are up...
Ronnie getting the food together, (he doesn't usually look this bad, but it is hot dirty work)
Got 3 cookers going, food coming out our ears...but it was so good...
Making sure no dead crawfish get into the pot...We all ate till we couldn't move...Sweet Bella wanted to join us but she had just returned from hospital and wasn't able to come outside...Our little girl enjoyed a swim..Me and 3 of my men. Chuck had to work and Keifer was on Vacation. lol...Ronnie cleaned up pretty good....Lance, Me DH and Ronnie
To me the fun, food and fellowship with family and good friends are the most beautiful thing in the world...


  1. I can just see and smell and taste it all now, Molly.

    You even captured the heat of the day and the cloudy skies, along with that beautiful family.

    We have to mostly settle for shrimp boils up here, but they're mighty fine---we just put down garbage bags all down the tables, and then lots of newspapers, and set little bowls of cocktail sauce and tartar sauce and butter all amongst it, with big bowls of slaw and big glasses of tea. The neighbors all have them now.

    They still call to ask what all goes in, and How much corn and how many potatoes?

  2. Molly I have always wanted to go to a fish boil - now I have.

    And I just love, love, love seeing your beautiful picture!

    You are a lovely lady and have a lovely family.


  3. Hey Molly!

    I suppose I'm one of those who hasn't lived yet because I have never been to a crawfish boil! I'm not a big fan of fish and don't eat it at all. What you all had sure did look good though. I have watched cooking shows make it all up with the corn and things and it looks so good. I wouldn't even know where to start to even try to make it myself. I don't have any of those cookers you all used to cook it either!

    Beautiful picture of you with your 3 men!


  4. Molly I actually ate my first boiled crawfish a couple of weeks ago. They were delish!

  5. Well I'll be. Here in Canada, we don't have craw fish. They probably do in the Maritime's, but not here in Ontario.
    I adore family gatherings also Molly. It's interesting how we can find beauty in food, friends and family. Too bad Bella couldn't join in. I bet she would have LOVED a little morsel.
    Happy FFB, nice to meet you.
    Love Claudie

  6. Wonderful post..looks like you all had a beautiful and super-fun time.Happy Finding Beauty Friday!

  7. They's ugly, but bet they taste good!
    What a boil! What a cool family gathering too.
    Great family pic Molly, you're looking "mavaless darling!"

  8. Ms Molly-- you have made us all hungry for sure... I love the smiles on your cute guys and your kitty that had to miss out made me sad.

    My guess is though, that you shared with them a bit later :)

    Always so fun stopping by to see you... thanks so much for helping make FFB a wonderful day!


  9. I remember Crawfish Boils and Shrimp Boils. I used to try to "free" as many of the critters as I could, after a few stomach was set on the lil' potatoes and corn...get out my way...

    Your menfolk are sure good-lookin' over in Mississippi.

  10. Good eatin'. Looks like a fantastic time and meal ya'll had!


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