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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My morning wake up call...every morning

Today is Rednesday over at, It's A Very Cherry World, stop by and visit with all of our red lovers by clicking here...
Every morning for 2 weeks, I have been awaken about 5-5:30, there is a knock knock knock on the door, Hello, but there is no one there. Hello, I say again and am answered with a tap tap tap...Ahhh, it's my friendly neighborhood wood pecker pecking away.
I think the Red Headed Wood Pecker is one of the, if not the most beautiful birds around.
I have tried for months to get a good picture, I have gotten several that are so far away they are just blurry,
but Wednesday morning I was fortunate enough to be standing looking out the living room window when this beauty decided to take a break and just sit on a limb close enough to zoom in and get these great shots.
What do you think, isn't he lovely, his head looks like a perfect hood.
Hope you all have a beautiful and happy weekend.


  1. I love the close up pics. Aren't these birds so pretty? We have some that like to visit us a lot and hammer on our metal gutters.

  2. Oh that woodpecker is just delightful. They are so pretty. How do you get such great pictures? Love, sandie

  3. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous bird! We need a tutorial on how to achieve such great photos ourselves!

  4. Love those woodpeckers, Molly. They are so pretty and we have them in our backyard too. We'll see you on Saturday! Did you get my email?...Christine

  5. It's been a long, long time since I've seen a red headed woodpecker. We just don't see them around here. What beauties!
    Love your surroundings Molly!


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