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Monday, October 12, 2009

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Outside my window...It is a cold, wet, dreary autumn morning, But this to shell pass.

I am thinking ..I pray my Baby boy and TT make it to Cancun safe, they have all ready encountered flight delays. They have had this trip planned for 8 mos. Please keep them in your prayers that they will arrive safe.

I am thankful …..for how blessed we are, I am also thankful for the rain that we are receiving, because it insures we will have life giving water in the water table..

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, hot cinnamon rolls.
Supper will be honey and blueberry glazed ham steaks, butter beans, fried corn, sweet potato casserole corn bread and sweet tea.

I am wearing…yellow T and lavender crop pants with white socks….

I am going…to do some painting this week.

I am creating...a chicken tray to give as one of the door prizes for our Fall Festival at Church on Oct 31st.

I am reading...Beth Moore’s study of Daniel. It is getting so deep.

I am hearing...the news on the TV and cars passing on the highway.…I love living in the country, the peace and quite is heavenly…

Around the house...dishes need washing, clothes need washing, drying and folding, and floors need a dust mop run over them….same every Monday it’s never ending…

One of my favorite things...the smell of my giant sweet olive trees…

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday…clean house this morning and go with DH to Dr this evening.
Tuesday…hopefully paint some………
Weds….what ever needs doing to keep house straight and go to Bible Study Beth Moore is so good.
Thurs…not sure yet
Fri. Friday is up in air right now, if things fall in place will be leaving to go to Ellijay, Ga. to the Apple Festival Sat and Sunday.
Sat…If I don’t go to Apple Festival will work at the Wesson Flea Market in our Church’s booth, painting faces.
Sunday if at home will go to Church…if in GA will enjoy the beautiful country and another day at the Flea Market..
Here is picture thought I am sharing..
This was taken about 5 yrs ago when our MooMoo was 3, she really loved her Molly goat, who by the way thought she was a dog, she was raised with a German Shepard, a Black Lab and a Basset Hound....MooMoo has always been an animal lover. Says she is going to be a vet.


  1. The world needs more good veterinarians and I hope Moo Moo becomes one!

    It's a misty morning here, too...our birds are so happy and playing and swooping in the drizzle and stretching their wings out in it.

  2. Hi, Molly ... It sounds like you have a full (and fun) week planned. I hope you get to go to the Apple Festival in Ellijay. I bet the fall foliage is gorgeous now.

    My post for today is about our Sweet Olives, and I wanted to let you know that I linked it to your post about your orange plant. I didn't know about the orange variety until I saw yours.

    P.S. -- Your granddaughter is so precious and looks like she would make a great vet!

  3. It sounds like you will be busy this week - that's for sure! I've got a full week planned, and then there are unexpected surprises, good or bad, that sometimes happen when we least figure on them! Today I've been stacking firewood - with corgis running around playing. Life is such BIG FUN to Corgis! I'd be so bored without them!

  4. Cute picture. Looks like a pretty sturdy pen to keep that goat in too.

    Supper sounds like it's going to pretty darn good.


  5. That's a cute pic Molly. My tea olives are blooming right now and smelling fabulous. Wish I was going to the Apple Festival with you in GA. We use to live in GA and went often. Loved going.


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