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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get R Done Friday

It's time again for Get-R-Done Friday over at ClassyChassy, so be sure and go by and check out the other great projects and tell Classy thanks for hosting this for us.
Well, I'm still cleaning and organizing, started and can't quit. With this weight loss I've decided to clean out my closet and give some of my bigger clothes to the Missions drive we are having at our Church in Dec.
I forgot to take pictures before I took clothes out of closet but did take some of everything on the bed and floor....had to move the shoe rack out first....Clothes every full of clean slate, my jackets are in left side, boots on floorhung purses on a hook over the door...organized pants and shirts in order...bag in left side is full of my special stuffed animals that I have saved since my boys were little, got to find some where to store them. Packages in top are Christmas presents I've bought and got in hiding...giggle.


  1. You did a great job organizing. I know what you mean though - once you start it is hard to stop. Put my summer clothes away today and got my winter ones out.

    So tell me - did you have new carpet put in or hard wood floors?

    I love pugs.

  2. lol..down here you have to keep both seasons out in the winter, you just might wake up to 80 degree weather in the middle of Dec or it could be 20 degrees....

  3. I have to do some organizing soon, thanks for the encouragment dear Molly !

  4. Gosh Molly, how great to be getting rid of clothes that are TOO BIG...unlike me, forcing myself to part with the ones that are too small...forever too small, boo

  5. Way to keep plugging along!!

    Thanks for joining in.

    My post coming up soon.

    barbara jean

  6. What an inspirational cleaning and organizing job pictured here! Feels good to have that out of the wya! And donating the clothes is a great idea! Thanks for joining in GET R DONE FRIDAY!

  7. Great job on that closet. Now come on over to my home and clean out & organize mine. PLEASE PLEASE!!

  8. Isn't it a mess while in the process of cleaning ut? But, oh the relief and burden lifted when everything is in it's place. Good job and thank you for sharing.

  9. Doesn't it feel good to purge? It seems like I can't do it enough. I am not going to be happy until I get down to, (say it with me Molly) "a bed...a couch...a table". lol

  10. Good going Molly. Glad you are accomplishing so many goals. Keep it up. Congrats again on the weight loss.


  11. Doesn't that feel good to look back on what you've done? Good use of a wreath hook! :)

  12. Hey Molly!!!
    LOVE the cleaning out-organizing post today!!
    Don't you just feel so.much.better? I have a couple of areas in my house that need that same!
    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway AND for posting it in your sidebar...I really do appreciate you and your support!
    Now, go rest...and have a fab weekend!

  13. How nice to be able to clean out like that! Very exciting to be getting rid of clothes that are now too big. Good for you! ((Hugs))

  14. Hey Molly!

    Now you have some room for some new clothes!

    Get R Done Friday!

  15. Great job! I need to do some of that at my place!!!!!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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