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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Outside my window...It is a wet dreary autumn morning, there is a nip in the air, the only thing stirring are the kids headed to Co-Lin.

I am thinking ..we really need the rain, or at least some states need it worse than we do. But I sure wanted to finish my flower beds before it set in for awhile…sigh, but I won’t complain, we could be in a drought.

I am thankful …..for how blessed we are, 2 of my sweet grands have birthdays this week and we are able to celebrate with them. Keifer will be 20 Thurs. so DH and I took him and his sweet Hannah out for supper Sat night. And baby girl turned 9 Sat. She had a great sleep over party with her 2 BFF.

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, pan cakes and bacon.
Supper chili

I am wearing…long green flowered night gown, sorry haven’t stirred from the bed yet….

I am going…to try to do better with my blog this week, was just so busy last week couldn‘t find time to catch up..

I am creating...a beautiful retreat in my back yard for DH and I to enjoy, something I should have done years ago. Just now getting able to do it...but it was too hot this summer so had to wait till the fall.

I am reading...Beth Moore’s study of Daniel.

I am hearing...only the sound of cars on the highway and my fish tank bubbling……so soothing

Around the house...dishes need washing, clothes need washing, drying and folding, and floors need a dust mop run over them….same every Monday it’s never ending…isn’t life good, that means I have a home to clean, food to eat and clothes to put on my back.

One of my favorite things...the still silence of an early fall morning…

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday…no major plans today just clean house.
Tuesday…maybe run to Wally World or the Pig for some fresh veggies for my salad……
Weds….will work in yard and mulch bed if it isn’t raining…will probably paint if it’s raining
Thurs…Hopefully if it’s not raining go to Canton Flea Market, in Canton, MS. Niece is having neck surgery today, will be in prayer for her...
Fri. playing by ear
Hopefully get my new birdhouse and feeders put up. And hope I found a few more at the flea market, (if I went)
Sunday go to Church.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Buddy Lee "Pickles" Smith loves to sleep with his Momma and Daddy, but he looks like he had a rough night last night and has a lot on his mind this's so spoiled...Baby Boy and TT don't have any Children yet...but he makes up for
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  1. What funny little paws "Pickles" has!

    We are having a very dreary day too, very unusual for the desert but October is our rainiest month, strangely.

  2. Pickles is cute.

    I'm sick of rain. Rain Rain Go Away!!!


  3. Pickles is too adorable! Sending you warm hugs sweet Molly!!

  4. Pickles really is a cutie. I love your positive attitude Molly. Too bad everyone isn't that way.

    Hope you have a good week.

  5. I spy a little hand in one of the pictures with Pickles - hee hee. Pickles is so wrinkly and cute!
    That is neat that you are making a special place while the weather is cooler - I hope you share it with us when you finish. Sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy your relaxing, wonderful, fall week!

  6. Pickles is absolutely adorable! Hope you get some rain soon. We could use some as well!

  7. Hi Molly...

    I enjoyed reading your Daybook....sounds like you have a busy week ahead. I don't usually figure out what I'm going to be doing every day, but it looks like a good plan to me!

    Love Pickles!



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