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Monday, November 09, 2009

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Outside my is overcast and foretells the approach of Hurricane Ida, very unusual to have a Hurricane in Nov…thankfully it is turning into a Tropical Storm and will come in to land East of us. Good for us bad for the folks in Al.….

I am thinking ..what this late storm might be predicting for our winter weather, the last 2 yrs have been very strange and unusual, weather wise for everyone, not just the south.

I am thankful …..for all the wonderful gifts God has given us. For the continued improvement of Ronnie he actually got to come down and hold his 1st Grandson Friday he and I spent a couple of hrs with Baby and Mother.. Thankful for the new roof we had put on last week and that the insurance company paid it all with out a problem.

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, Cream cheese buns for Charles for me oatmeal and bananas.
Supper baked ham and tator salad with baked beans and home made bread.

I am wearing…green flannel night gown…soft pink aloe socks…will have to get dressed soon and head to Wally world, but for now enjoying lounging around.

I am going…to be very busy this week, Senior Day for the Country being held at our Church this week, We’ll be serving soup and cornbread, I volunteered to make a big pot of Homemade veggie soup. The reason for baked ham for supper tonight, will use the ham bone for the soup.

I am creating...3 glass block night lights for my DILs Mothers, Christmas presents.”

I am reading...Beth Moore’s study of Daniel. We are studying the prophets this week and for the next 5 weeks. Scary but exciting at the same time..

I am silence in the house except for Chi-Chi snoring and cars going by trying to make their 8 o’clock classes, they are late as usual.

Around the house...need to do the everyday cleaning, hope to finish with winterizing the flowers and bushes when the weather clears up again.

One of my favorite things...the smile on a child’s face when he sees something new and exciting….

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday…clean house good. Go to town and talk to insurance salesman finish paper work for new health insurance…bake ham and then put on large pot of veggie soup for Senior meeting tomorrow. Will let it simmer low all night..

Tuesday…go to Senior Day
Weds….try to paint a little, then Church for Bible Study
Thurs…will play by ear.

Fri. …take some soup to my Niece who had surgery, she’s doing great, but will be another month before she can really move shoulders and neck too much.

Sat…paint and hopefully go out for supper, haven’t been out in awhile.

Sunday Church and then if it‘s pretty DH and I plan to do a little back roads driving in search of old long forgotten cemeteries. I love to read the old head stones and take pictures.…..didn’t get to go last week DH was sick.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Grump getting to hold Grandson for the first told him Jax was covering his face to keep from looking at him....The last 2 surgeries have been hard on Ronnie, he has gained well over 25 lbs from meds and not being able to do anything but sit.
Hope when he heals he will find some relief for his back without taking meds that blow him up.


  1. Sweet picture. Sounds like you are going to be very busy this week.

  2. Here's my favorite lines from your post, I laughed myself silly:

    "I am silence in the house except for Chi-Chi snoring and cars going by trying to make their 8 o’clock classes, they are late as usual."

    Oh boy ain't that the truth, we can see them tearing into the college here, too, forever running late, but the racket doesn't wake up our old dogs, they just snore away at the same decibels as an airplane taking I slept that good...

    Poor Ronnie, the meds can just mess a person up so bad...I know how that is...

  3. Sounds like a busy but great week. That baby is just precious.

  4. You have a busy week happening. We'll be getting hurrican Ida tomorrow in Georgia. The baby is so sweet,


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