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Molly's Country Memories

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning dear friends, It is such a beautiful day here in Mississippi the sun is shining and the few remaining red and gold leaves are sparkling.
I know I haven't been by as much as I should lately but have had a lot going on, some good, some bad, such is life. I have so much to be Thankful for this year, sure there have been bad times, but I must say I am even thankful for the bad times, because without them, I wouldn't appreciate the good.
Just a little up date, I was so surprised 2 weeks ago when a Gentlemen came to my front door and wanted to show me a Rainbow vacumn system, Seems my Baby Boy and his wife had bought one and just loved it, so BB talked to DH who agreed to let this gentleman show it to us, well no way was I going to buying it, they are too much, but to my surprise DH had already purchased it for me. How great is that, needless to say I fell in love, being the clean freak I have used it everyday and on everything...even poor little Chi-Chi got to nosy while I was vacuuming her bed and got when I fire it up she runs under the bed. Poor baby.
Also BB and TT gave me a late Birthday present since they were in Mexico on my Birthday...the gave me a trip to a day spa as a reward for lossing 50 lbs..they said I deserved to be had a massage before....loved it I so enjoyed the day, facial, pedicure, manicure the whole works. I was so relaxed when I got home I slept for 14 joke ...just zonked out.
Ronnie is doing much better, accepting what he can't change and just waiting for his arm to heal so he can return to work and start trying to catch up with his bills. BB and TT bought 2 extra tickets to the Egg Bowl Sat after Thanksgiving for Ronnie and Min Min, so he could get out a little and do something he has always wanted to do. They are going to make the week-end out of it. And just relax and have a fun brother's week-end. So I get to kept Baby Girl for 3 whole days...yey...
Did I tell you how Thankful we are for BB, he is such a gift to us, his wife is so perfect for him and us, they are both so loving and caring, he and TT are fortunate in having good jobs and they love to share with family, not to say, see how good I'm doing, but lovingly wanting everyone to enjoy life.
I could start a list of all I have to be thankful for, but would take the next 100 post to list them all, so I will simple say God has been good to me and I am totally Blessed.
We will be going to Madison tomorrow night to spend Thanksgiving with BB, he and TT will be cooking for all of us and her Mom and Dad and little brother. I will be sad cause Chuck and his family won't be able to come, he has to work Thanksgiving, so she will be taking the kids to her parents for Dinner.
But with the Economy the way it is can't refuse to work when you are told too.
Don't know how much I'll be on for the rest of the week so I want to wish all my friend.



  1. Wonderful stuff Molly. All of it.

    I have lots to be thankful for too.

    Off for the rest of the week, will be back to posting next week. Have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. How nice of your kids to buy you a wonderful vacumn and a huge day at the spa. Impressive.

    You have a great Thanksgiving too.

  3. Well life I guess is like the Thanksgiving table, a lot of good but then there are those durned Brussel Sprouts you got to choke down, too...but you're so right, without the Brussel Sprouts would we truly appreciate the sweet potato casserole???!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  4. Molly, Congrats on your new vac and the day at the spa....wonderful gift, but most of all for losing the weight. Sounds like things are going better at your house and I am happy to hear this.

    Blessing to you on Thanksgiving.

  5. Hi, Molly ...

    Just stopping by to wish you and your family the best Thanksgiving celebration ever!




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