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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday show and tell...Buddy Lee

Today I am joining Tuesday Show and Tail over at West Virgina Treasures, be sure and click on the link and check out all the other great pictures.
Last weekend on the 4th we had a large family get together at TT's and Baby Boy's, we all had a ball and since the week end lasted for 4 days for them, her parents went up on Thurs and stayed till Tues. It was along, busy and tiring weekend. Poor little Buddy Lee ran himself ragged trying to play with everyone. He was so tired by the end of the week end that all he wanted to do was snuggle with his Momma...Belle (the typical teen) decided she would come out of her room, yes they have their own room...and get a little cuddling too.
TT sent me these picture of them finally getting to just relax and snuggle...
Belle is like most rebellious teens she doesn't like her Daddy too much, you can see her watching him out of the corner of her eye...
Buddy Lee is so sleepy...
Awww my sweet Buddy slept for 12 hrs..he is such a sweetie and just loves everybody, but when Keifer's girl Hannah is around he doesn't want any one else to hold him..he loves her....She says Keifer better watch out, Buddy just might steal her away from


  1. What a cute cuddler! Sure loves the attention!

  2. I LOVE PUGS more then any other dog - but I know I am allergic to them. Bought the GS a rescue dog to try again - there is a picture of him on my blog today - I pray we can keep him - he is so cute! sandie

  3. Hey Molly!

    Buddy Lee sure is a cutie! You can tell that he loves to cuddle with his honey!

    Thanks for sharing Buddy Lee with us this week! What an unusual name for a dog too.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!


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