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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scenic Sunday...

Scenic Sunday is a photo meme of the scenery. It can be landscapes, buildings, flowers, or anything you feel is a scenery photo. This meme will be held every weekend. To join, just post your scenery shots on your blog and link back to Scenic Sunday.

Storm cloud over Wesson, MS 7-16,2010 these were taken at 11 AM....
Clear Branch Baptist Church parking lot
Hwy 51 north, the road home
I love to watch storm clouds gather the sky is just awesome...
Hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. Storm clouds!!! We had quite a few of those today ourselves. We got trapped in the car, four of us, in the driveway, when the "bottom fell out" as we arrived home.

    Molly, check out Smitten Kitchen on my blog's right hand panel today---she's featuring those Scalloped Tomatoes from the restaurant in KY where you visited last week. I can't wait to try them---hope there are enough on our vines tomorrow.

  2. Those clouds are beautiful. sandie

  3. We got a couple of rains over the weekend. Would have been glad to get a little more.

  4. Wow, those clouds look like they could touch the ground.

  5. huge cumulous clouds there!@


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