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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Issac Shelby, Traveler's Rest

 When we went to Kentucky we stayed in a Small town called Danville a pretty little town that was a short drive from Fort Harrod and the Shaker Village. The first day I was looking at some info I picked up in the lobby while we where eating breakfast. I was drawn to some info about an Historical Cemetery just 1 1/2 miles down the road from our motel. So of course I had to check it out. As I said in my post on Shadow Shot Sunday, it was so hot there, but the minute we drove up and turned down the tree shaded road it seemed to cool off and I just felt a feeling of peace and comfort. The Cemetery is across a pasture from the original home which is still standing and is privately owned so we could not go down to the house and make pictures. BUT, I did try to get some from across the field.
down a tree shade peaceful, like stepping back in time...

The plaque honoring Mr. Shelby

a picture of the barn across the field...
This road lead up to the house and barns...
The walled cemetery plot...
Mrs Robin didn't like us intruding on her morning worm hunt...
some grain grinding stones outside one of the barns
 This stone tells the layout of the graves...
  I love the stone fence with a iron gate...
 The big tomb is Mr Shelby's and his wife is in the one right beside him...
  You can see the roof of the house sticking over the top of the stone barn...
 This is a large tree that shades the cemetery, I was surprised when I loaded my pictures to see the blue and white orbs in this picture, but it didn't appear on any other picture...THE WHOLE VACATION...DH says it was the spirit of Mr. and Mrs Shelby watching over their farm and making travelers welcome, how
 Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, We also went to Hurricane Falls in TN. the home of Loretta Lynn, I will be posting picture of that soon.


  1. That is a neat place Molly. For some odd reason I enjoy roaming thru cemeteries.

    I look forward to seeing your pics from Hurricane Mills.

  2. I like looking at the headstones in cemetaries. You can catch a small glimpse of someones life whether long or tragically short. All history and all interesting.
    The orbs are kind of cool...makes you wonder!

  3. Nice place and pics. I like to look at old cemeteries too - you can learn a lot by doing that.


  4. Molly, Travelers Rest looks like a place I would love to go. I love that old barn and the stone fence ... I've never seen one with the top row of stones standing on end like that. Nice pictures!

  5. Those grain grinding stones would make a great focal point in one of my flower beds.


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