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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I didn't realize how truly Blessed we were till I saw these pictures, he was not only spared, but the Lord placed the tree in the right place or the people in the trailer could have been hurt too..
You can see where he hit the tree up high. The bank that he flew off of was even with the mark on the tree. He hit loose gravel and lost it,  The trailer and fence where just ft away from the road.  

 look at the windshield on the drivers side...that is a part of the board fence that stuck through the window.

The only explanation of him surviving this accident and doing well enough to go home so soon, is God has other plans for him. We are very Blessed to have him still with us.
Better view of the bank he came off of....


  1. Oh girl looking at those pics turns my stomach. I can only imagine how you must of felt looking at them. God definitely has plans for him.

  2. WOW! The Lord truly was with him Molly! I agree with you that the Lord must have something great for him to do. Those pictures are just incredible. I can't even tell what kind of car it was he was driving. I'm so glad that he didn't go into the trailer. Do you know if someone was actually in the trailer at the time of the accident? If they were home they too were blessed. Whew!

    Hope you have a Wonderful Easter!

  3. How horrifying! God is certainly with him! So glad he is recovering so well.

    Have a blessed Easter!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

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  5. May God continue to hold Keifer close, Molly. I have chills after seeing those pictures -- what a testament to the miracles He performs every day.

    (Sorry ... I had a typo in my first comment and deleted it)

  6. A miracle.

    Bless you all. Hoping you have a happy Easter and you all can celebrate knowing that he is still with you.

  7. Molly, I have not the words today to speak of these pictures; I just know that there's a plan at work, and it will be accomplished in the Lord's time.

    What a thankful, happy Easter weekend this must be for you all!


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