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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Finding Beauty Friday

Good morning Dear Friends, I'm sorry I've not been a good friend and visited much lately but I'm afraid like all of us life has gotten in the way, more than I'd like for it too...but today I am joining Claudia's "Friday Finding Beauty" event on Dipity Road. Today all the participating blogs can post whatever they like on their blog that touched them in some way and made them feel, see, or appreciate a moment of beauty in their lives.
Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and forms. Some you can see and touch, others you can only feel in your heart today I am sharing some of the simple things in life that bring beauty into my world, small simple things that some people might not consider beauty at all but I do, cause for just a second it brings a smile to my face or a special memory to heart....
Like this little frog I captured staring at me when I went to close my my dirty window too, but that's just shows that I am needed and can see what I am looking at...

 or this Crane I have been trying to capture on camera for several weeks, his mate doesn't come close enough to take a picture, even with a long zoom, it is too dangerous to stop for long on the bridge to get a good shot. They have made their home on the small lake near my house..
 or maybe this beautiful palest yellow butterfly, it's little eyes are pink and all the markings are so pale you can't see them too good...
 I enjoy the beauty of the sound of bubbling water from my water seems so cool and refreshing
 You may ask what is so beautiful about a dying plant?...well, it reminds me of how beautiful my  Lillies where and the empty pod lets me know there will be twice as many next year, the seeds will carry on new life...
 I have an abundance of beautiful blue butterflies this year and I love watching them flutter around..such beautiful creatures they are...
I love the look and smell of my yard after a quick summer shower, it makes everything smell so fresh and the water drops look like glizzing diamonds, I love how the drops of rain hang on my chives
and puddle on the elephant ears if you look close you can see little refection's in the drops...
 I find beauty in the little surprises that you find tucked under your plants, like this Biddy n Hens under my Geraniums
 or the beauty of a mosquito Hawks hoovering over the plants in the yard... 
 I also find beauty in the abundence of food God has graced me with from our garden
 I really find beauty in the dance of the Bubble Bees as they flitter from flower to flower gathering the pollen to make honey and spread the pollen needed to bring forth fruit....

I have learned over the years that the small and simple things are ere true beauty lies. Take a walk around your yard today and breath in the glory of the simple things and you will discover what a truly wonder world God has given us


  1. Fantastic pictures Molly. They are all great shots. I'm jealous, your tomatoes are doing better than ours.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Molly I love all the pictures but the blades of grass with the water (or dew) is my favorite!

  3. Those are wonderful pictures, Molly. My favorite is the little smiling frog ... he looks so happy!


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